Who Is Debthelp?
DebtHelp, Inc. is a Debt Settlement Organization that provides support to consumers and businesses in financial crisis.

We make sure to always stay informed on industry trends, which enables us to provide our clients with effective financial solutions.

DebtHelp, Inc. has been serving its clients since 2006. We take pride in helping our clients understand and gain control over their debt, credit and finances.

The Plan
How our Debt Relief Program Works

As a client on our Debt Settlement Program, we will work to settle the balances you owe to each creditor for a portion on the entire balance.

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    | Qualifications

    Anyone with an unsecured debt of over $5,000 is eligible for the program; however, debt settlement is not right for everyone. A debt advisor will help make this decision with you based on your individual situation.

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    | Payment

    Your monthly savings plan will be the key factor in the amount of time the program will take. We help you create an individual plan that is tailored specifically to fit into your budget.

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    | Effects on Credit

    DebtHelp is not a credit repair organization, our program is designed to help settle your current debts so you can achieve financial freedom. Results will vary depending on your situation.

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